3. What Matters: Advanced Content Marketing

Ok. How is this different from the People-Based Marketing?

Well that’s the starting point, and when you pay attention to what your customers really value, they can show you that you really need better content, and more of it.  

The right content marketing plan is different for every client, that’s why you need an experienced professional to help you assess your situation and set priorities. What do we assess? The correct ORDER of execution so that early efforts pay for later efforts. That’s the only way to get where we need to go, without giving the CFO a heart attack.

Our clients start by telling us that they have zero budget for an innovation like Content Marketing. Zero. We get it. So that means we must find a way to cut an existing cost in order to pay for innovation. So we dig into all sales and marketing activity, to help you decide “what’s not producing?"

We expect to help you decide what to cut, in order to pay for a new investment that is expected to produce new and different profits (your incremental revenue). That will fuel ongoing efforts, which in turn cause your company to grow. When that happens the company has more value, and there is incremental profit to cover the innovation we’ve been talking about.

Let us be clear. If we help you discover innovation that works, and your company grows based on converting new opportunities, then we will expect to grow with you.

Let’s face facts. All companies must grow or die. So we expect our company to grow at the same time we support your growth. We don’t need to grow at the same rate, or the same total revenue of course…just know that we as committed to the health of your company as we are committed to the health of our company. That’s how you ensure we will be there for you next year.

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I once drove home from college at 100 miles an hour. It saved two hours. My old car barely made it, and I was hardly able to speak once I peeled myself out of the car.

That was maximum speed, but it wasn't optimum.

Systems have an optimum level of performance. It's the output that permits the elements (including the humans) to do their best work, to persist at it, to avoid disasters, bad decisions and burnout. 

One definition of maximization is: A short-term output level of high stress, where parts degrade but short-term performance is high.

Capitalism sometimes seeks competitive maximization instead. Who cares if you burn out, I'll just replace the part...

That's not a good way to treat people we care about, or systems that we rely on.

As a valuable contributor seeking to build a career, you benefit when you develop a unique asset, because that asset gives you the leverage to choose a niche in a system that respects optimization instead. 
— Seth Godin